The payroll service we provide is fully encompassing.

It includes:

• Unlimited advice regarding any legislative requirements or procedures.

• Data input and processing.

• The production of payslips - either plain paper or security sealed.

• The production of unlimited management reports.Dealing with all starters and leavers - including P45’s, P46’s and any necessary administration.

• All correspondence with HM Revenue & Customs.

• FREE use of meeting/consultation room for any PAYE inspections/visits, including our attendance. Submission of all RTI returns, including FPS and EPS submissions

• Due to the growing burden imposed by HMRC an increasing number of accountants are looking to outsource the payroll side of their business. This is an area we specialise in, easing the pressure placed on the accountant and still leaving them with a healthy profit margin when recharging onto the client. If you are an accountant and would like to know more about this service and take advantage of preferential discounts please contact David on 0121-377-3323 and he will discuss this further with you.

While the level of service that we provide is very high our prices are also very competitive. Check out our price list to see just how competitive we are.

CIS scheme

We offer a solution to the admin-heavy headache of the CIS scheme.

The scheme affects contractors in the construction industry using subcontractors. They are now burdened with the duty to comply with various legislation. Failure to complete the monthly returns and tax obligations by the specified dates will result in stringent fines imposed by HM Revenue and Customs, currently £100.00 per month for each late submission.

They must:

• Ensure all subcontractors are verified.
• Process all subcontractors pay and produce monthly payslips.
• Produce payslips that detail total pay, materials and tax.
• Detail the contractor’s name and tax reference.
• Detail the subcontractor’s name, UTR and NI number.
• Submit a monthly report to HM Revenue & Customs summarising all payments made to the subcontractors.

If this affects you contact us for detailed advice regarding this new scheme.

Please see our price list which outlines our CIS scheme pricing policy.

Auto Enrolment

Our sister company, ae Auto Enrolment Ltd., is able to deal with all of your pension auto enrolment compliance. Their solution offers everything from creating a pension scheme prior to your staging date, right through to calculating the pension deductions and arranging for the contributions to be taken by the pension company, once the scheme is up and running.

For more information on the service that ae Auto Enrolment Ltd can provide please see -

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